Hidden House, Lympstone

  • Architect: Stan Bolt Architect, Brixham, Devon

Replacing a former 1950’s dwelling on a secluded garden site, Hidden House has been designed to fuse with its environment, whilst providing panoramic views over the Exe estuary and surrounding landscapes. 

The house is situated within a secluded walled enclosure, carefully designed with varying heights to provide the right mix of privacy and dramatic views.

It features a series of inside / outside rooms, which blur the distinction between interior and exterior, within a simple external shell, devoid of unnecessary detail and in total sympathy with its environment.

Brickwork has been employed extensively to the ground floor walls, reflecting the traditional use of the material locally whilst highlighting the man-made intervention in the landscape.

440mm ‘Linear’ bricks, used in association with deep raked bed joints and almost flush perpendicular joints, reinforce the linearity of the scheme, and provide a distinct contrast with the lightweight, zinc-clad, second floor structure above.

The choice of materials creates simplicity and inherent durability to the property and ensures that it will age gracefully, whilst engaging sympathetically and fully with its environment. 

The realisation of the concept naturally suggested brickwork to be employed extensively to the ground floor walls...

The linearity of the scheme is accentuated by the use of the Linear brick units and the use of deep raked bed joints and almost flush perpendicular joints.

Stan Bolt, Architect


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