Domestic Garden Room Extension, Edinburgh

  • Architect: Arka Architects, Falkirk

The clients’ brief was for a garden room extension, contemporary in appearance yet harmonious with the existing structure, which gave them the facility to relax with views into their enclosed garden. 

Whilst the original building is finished in painted roughcast, continuing this theme would have added to existing maintenance costs. 

Brick was chosen in preference to the more expensive stonework option as it offered an affordable, low maintenance solution with a wide choice of colours and textures to contrast and enhance the overall scheme.The matching slate roof links the old with the new.

Ibstock’s Linear bricks were chosen to give the brickwork greater visual appeal, with 440mm and 327mm length bricks worked together to create a distinctive bonding pattern.This was carried through to a new garden wall to the adjoining patio area to extend the scheme.

The choice of narrower, 50mm high bricks reinforced the linearity of the design and added to the distinctive visual appearance.

The Garden Room has been given warmth and a greater connection to the garden by bringing the outside brickwork inside around four piers at the corners of the building. 


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